Why Do You Need Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy wheels are an awesome feature that a car should have. If you have spent money in purchasing a set of alloy wheels for your car, the chances are bright that you will always want to keep them in pristine condition. Keeping these wheels damage-free helps the car preserve its remaining value as well as ensures that your car looks great. The bitter truth is that accidents do take place, and when they take place, kerbed alloy wheels and scuffed alloys are an all too common occurrence. On such occasions, when the alloy wheels of your vehicle find themselves in less than textbook condition, you will be on the lookout to get them restored as soon as possible. As part of the alloy wheel repairs process, the specialists often have to fix a wheel to ensure that the result looks fantastic.

To repair or to refurbish

The alloy wheels are the part of your car, which is most prone to damage. Make the mistake of turning sharply, hit a curb, or drive over a pothole, and there is a great chance that you will crack, dent, or even destroy your alloy wheels. A dusty, dirty, and muddy alloy wheel can be quite unacceptable for most, as it is one of the most visible features in your car as well. You need not worry for you can always have your alloy wheels repaired or refurbished for that showroom effect. Justifiably, there are individuals who can be easily jumbled with the difference between alloy wheel repair and alloy wheel refurbishment since both processes are applied to alloy wheels. So, what is the difference between repairs and refurbish. Find below details that will make this issue clear.


Refurbishing implies making the rims look brand new by:

- Changing its colour

- Applying a new coating that is more resilient than the original

- Cleaning and buffing until the alloy is shiny

The above processes is suitable for changing colours, dirty alloys, and new alloy coating


Repairing for rims is required when:

- Making mistakes while parking

- Damaged from hitting potholes

- Grazed against another object while the vehicle is moving

Hand over your damaged rims or rims you want refurbished to a specialistThe number of wheels being damaged due to hitting potholes is increasing by the day. The good news is that most of them can be repaired. You also need not worry if the allow wheels of your car has got corroded due to improper parking or due to grazing against another object while the vehicle is moving. The repair specialist puts the wheels through a chemical stripping process to get to the bare metal by removing any existing lacquer, paint, corrosion, or dirt. The identical procedure is applied for damaged wheels. However, in this case there are limits to the degree of corrosion, which can be repaired. In the last mentioned case, it is better to purchase new alloy wheels, especially if you are the owner of a brand new car whose alloy wheels have been damaged.